Recently, a mesothelioma patient and member of the ADAO community, Janelle, published a video on YouTube that documents her five-year mesothelioma cancer battle. The video also provides some great information about mesothelioma, and it has a great song to boot. We are so proud of Janelle, she is an amazing person, and her hard work is awe-inspiring.

ADAO sincerely thanks Janelle for courageously sharing her story by making her powerful video. Hope shines through Janelle’s journey, and every person suffering from mesothelioma, should know that they’re not alone, and our strong community surrounds them.  Together we can truly make a difference, and posting videos, sharing our stories, photographs, and reaching out to others strengthens our community. Non-profit organizations like the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization and the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, which Janelle mentions in her video, provide communities to those affected by mesothelioma, but also aim to ban asbestos and fund research for a cure.  ADAO is proud to be a resource for those exposed, diagnosed, and families who have lost a loved one.

In addition to giving our community hope, Janelle’s video has another purpose: to show her suffering that stemmed from asbestos exposure. Janelle writes, “There are still people who believe asbestos is not a threat. This is just one person, that is one too many.” Janelle is absolutely right. Asbestos is a carcinogen, and it must be banned.

In unity,


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