Posted on July 11, 2016

Raise Your Voice #ENDMesoIt’s been a summer of achievement so far for ADAO, and we want to keep our momentum high and our stories visible! As such, I’ve decided to do an early launch of our ultra-successful RAISE YOUR VOICE||#ENDMeso Campaign.

Through our storytelling, we continue to educate people about asbestos, which ultimately saves lives and shapes policy. President Obama proved just how effective our storytelling is when he spoke on asbestos in his remark ahead of signing into law a bill that reforms the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), becoming the first sitting president to publicly acknowledge asbestos as a carcinogen:

“The system was so complex, so burdensome that our country hasn’t even been able to uphold a ban on asbestos –a known carcinogen that kills as many as 10,000 Americans every year. I think a lot of Americans would be shocked by that.”

President Obama’s message is being heard globally, and more political attention is being paid to asbestos then ever before. ADAO is working to capitalize on this by planning Congressional briefing in the coming months to ensure asbestos is at the forefront of TSCA implementation. We need to make sure Congress sees and hears the thousands of American families shattered by asbestos, and to do that, we need you to raise your voices!

Sharing is a snap on Twitter, Facebook, etc.!  You share  your story and those of others, and download and share our RAISE YOUR VOICE || #ENDMeso graphic throughout your social networks. At the end of this blog, you can find quotes from fellow Mesothelioma Warriors that you can share in addition to your own story. If you want even more material, you can also share the updated Top 10 Asbestos Facts. With each post, share, or retweet, you are raising asbestos and mesothelioma awareness!

Huge thanks to the brave Mesothelioma Warriors listed below who lent their stories for the RAISE YOUR VOICE || #ENDMeso Mesothelioma Awareness Campaign, and to Jessica Mattmuller for masterfully designing the artwork that will make sure these messages are seen.

Together, it’s time to RAISE OUR VOICES!

Linda Reinstein

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 RAISE YOUR VOICE || #ENDMeso Warrior Quotes:

“Going on 5 years now my husband has been battling mesothelioma. Our newborn baby girl needs her daddy, and for asbestos to be banned.”—Jessica Mattmuller, honoring Mike Mattmuller

“Asbestos robbed me of my beautiful daughter, Janelle. I miss my baby girl more than anything.” —Bennie Cameron & Family, remembering Janelle Bedel

“Why should I have to worry about my newborn baby girl getting mesothelioma? It NEEDS to be banned immediately.” Mike Mattmuller, mesothelioma patient

“My son is no longer with us because of deadly asbestos and I am utterly heartbroken.” —Sandra, remembering Michael Bradley

“How many deaths will it take ‘til they know that too many people have died?” —Marilyn, Joe & Julie Amento, remembering Joe

“I love my husband, my life, my family, my friends …. Should they have to go on without me?” —Mavis & Ray Nye

“I’m only 16 and have mesothelioma. Listen to me, please ban asbestos worldwide and find a cure.” —Terran

“Asbestos is STILL killing Americans – we know – we buried Alan.” —Linda & Emily Reinstein, remembering Alan

“Hundreds of thousands have died since my Dad died 33 years ago. How many more does EPA need?” —Ann Samuelson, remembering Stan

“Asbestos has caused my family so much pain.” —Heather Von St. James, mesothelioma patient

“Now they found asbestos in crayons? Oh how I worry about my grandkids…” —Lou Williams, mesothelioma patient

“It’s an atrocity that we haven’t banned asbestos. I vowed before my father died, to continue his fight for justice for all victims.” —Courtney, remembering Larry