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One of anti-asbestos advocates’ biggest obstacles to overcome is the incredibly small size of asbestos fibers. 20,000 fibers can fit under the nose of President Lincoln’s picture on the U.S. penny, and it is an overwhelmingly difficult task to convince people of an invisible danger. In response, ADAO has launched its “See For Yourself” photographic campaign to visually depict the presence of asbestos in order to help the public “see” asbestos for what it really is: an invisible killer.

Tony Rich, an industrial hygienist and environmental technician who specializes in asbestos-related work, has developed an extensive and compelling collection of asbestos-related photographs, product materials, artifacts, historical books, industry documents, and other associated media. Tony’s collection reveals the prevalence of asbestos in homes, offices, and other everyday places, bringing the threat of the carcinogen to the public’s attention in a way in which everyone can relate. This campaign, also uploaded to SlideShare with video, is about the pictures and the eye-opening experience of seeing millions of deadly asbestos fibers. We want to share, and we want you to share, the reality of asbestos.

On Saturday, the world will celebrate Workers’ Memorial Day, and ADAO will be taking part in the remembrance of those harmed at work. According to the World Health Organization, asbestos causes 107,000 worker deaths every year: the asbestos is real, the death toll is terrifying. It’s time to see the deadly mineral for yourself.


*UPDATE* – Phase II is now available!

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