ADAO “Asbestos: The Impact on Public Health and the Environment” Senate Staff Briefing

Posted on July 17, 2014

2014 Staff Briefing ALLOn July 17, we were proud to continue the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization‘s efforts to protect asbestos victims’ civil rights and public health by hosting our sixth Congressional Staff Briefing this time on “Asbestos: The Impact on Public Health and the Environment.” This Senate briefing was a huge success with over 60 people attending and 28 states represented. 

ADAO would like to extend a big thank you to all the senators who sent staffers.

1. Alabama – Session 2. Arkansas – Pryor 3. California – Feinstein 4. California –Boxer 5. Colorado – Bennet 6. Connecticut – Blumenthal 7. Florida – Nelson 8. Georgia – Isakson 9. Idaho – Crapo 10.Illinois – Durbin 11.Indiana – Coats 12.Indiana – Donnelly 13.Iowa – Harkin 14.Kansas – Roberts 15.Kentucky – Paul 16.Louisiana – Vitter 17.Maine – King 18.Massachusetts – Markey 19.Montana – Tester 20.New Jersey – Booker 21.New Mexico – Udall 22.Ohio – Portman 23.Oklahoma – Inhofe 24.Oregon – Merkley 25.Oregon – Wyden 26.Pennsylvania – Casey 27.Rhode Island – Reed 28.South Dakota – Johnson 29.Utah – Hatch 30.Vermont – Sanders 31.Washington – Murray

The major goal of the briefing was to address the dangers of asbestos, and the need for Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reform. ADAO featured an impressive list of speakers who covered a range of asbestos topics including:

  • Asbestos: History, Facts, and Stats – Barry Castleman, ScD, Environmental Consultant
  • Diagnosing and Treating Asbestos-Related Diseases – Christine Oliver, MD, MPH, MS, FACPM
  • Asbestos Exposures in Homes, Schools, and Workplaces – Tony Rich, Industrial Hygienist
  • Asbestos Took My Son Away – Sandra Neuenschwander, Mesothelioma Victim
  • Asbestos Impact: Medically, Legally, and TSCA Reform – Linda Reinstein, President, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization

As part of the ADAO briefing materials, we included all of the “Share your Story” submissions (published and unpublished) in their packets unique to his or her state.  ADAO took the 250 Message2Congress photos and made eight collage posters for staffers. Not only did we educate the staffers on asbestos issues, but, as mentioned in our press release, we called on Congress to investigate continued asbestos imports and initiate a new study to evaluate the risk of vermiculate insulation in millions of homes.  ADAO would like to express our sincere gratitude to our wonderful briefing speakers, attendees, volunteers, and committed individuals for their interest in protecting civil rights and public health, as well as the Senate staffers who came to educate themselves and hear our message. ADAO is proud to be a resource to the U.S. Congress and an advocate for asbestos victims everywhere. Enough is enough. We will be posting more information, such as Speaker Bios and Slideshows, about our Briefing in the next couple of days, and you may view photos taken by Tony, David, Krista, and me on our new Facebook album.

Together, change is possible.


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