Press Release from Stephan Schmidheiny:

On February 13, Stephan Schmidheiny  and Jean-Louis de Cartier de Marchienne were found guilty of asbestos crimes and  sentenced to 16 years in prison and ordered to pay millions of euros in compensation to the victims and families of those who have had their lives forever changed due to their  negligence. Mr. Schmidheiny issued a press release stating the verdict was “incomprehensible” and his plans to appeal the verdict.

Mr. Schmidheiny began his career at Eternit Switzerland when he was just 29, after having graduated from the University of Zurich with a Doctorate in Law, taking over the position vacated by his father. Mr. Schmidheiny’s entire life has been one of the industrialist to whom everything has been handed to on a silver platter, as evidenced by his quick rise through the ranks at the Swiss Eternit Group, to his now being known as the “Bill Gates of Switzerland.” Despite Mr. Schmidheiny’s self-described “eco-efficient” efforts, he is responsible for causing immense and unfathomably pain and suffering to thousands – crimes he must pay for, and not just with his checkbook.

ADAO applauds the decision of the court. I truly believe this verdict has given us the opportunity to redefine justice as we have known it for the past century. Clearly, the guilty judgment sends a strong legal signal to those who mine, export, import or manufacture asbestos-containing products that it is criminal to knowingly and willfully expose workers, their families, and residents to asbestos. This guilty verdict is a  step towards justice for Casale Monferrato, Italy, and the world as we continue our journey to end asbestos use and manufacturing forever.

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