Posted in November 2011

“Unsuspecting Heroine”


(Shared by her daughter, Heidi)

Name: Doreen

Date of Birth: 03-OCT-1931

Province: Ontario

Date of 1st Symptoms: 08-NOV-2011

Date of Diagnosis: 01-APR-2011

Diagnosis: Mesothelioma


Date of Death: 08-AUG-2011

How has Asbestos changed your life? (unedited): My father worked at Johns Manville, an asbestos factory that produced pipes and insulation from Quebec mined chrysotile. He had no idea that along with his pay-check, he was bringing home the deadly fibres on his clothes — which my mother would wash. They waited. Then in 2009 my mom developed a cough. Liquid was drained from her lung three times. She underwent surgery to inflate her lungs and glue the wall to her ribcage. It was another year before mesothelioma was mentioned. A death sentence. I was stunned. Felt helpless. Hadn’t we just buried my father 4 years earlier? My mother died at home. My sister and I were with her, as we were for my dad. The image of those last breaths will stay with me forever… Now my sister has fluid on her lungs, significant scarring and pleural plaque. I worry. I worry everyday. And I rage that Canada is still exporting this deadly substance. As my mom said four days before she died, “This is a crime against humanity.”  Yes, my mom went down bravely, fighting all the way. I am so very proud of her!