Posted on January 18, 2015

Lou Willliams Valor Border_edited-1Lou Williams is one of the most amazing woman I’ve met during these past 11 years.  As an active Mesothelioma Warrior on Facebook, Twitter, and in the world of blogging, Lou’s kind, courageous, hopeful, and newsworthy messages are read and shared around the world.  For Lou, helping those in need of information, comfort, or support gives her added fuel for the war she rages on Mesothelioma.  Believing in unity, her national and international ban asbestos efforts have brought leaders, Warriors, and others together as we join together to end the deadly legacy of asbestos.  Keen on collaboration, she finds speaking and blogging about her mesothelioma journey and the impact it’s had on her life. While I had begun to work on a blog to share Lou’s magic about where and how she finds her courage, strength, and hope – I changed my course.  Instead, I posted a quick message inviting others to share their feelings about how Lou helps, inspires, or impacts them.  In just hours, over 50 Facebook friends wrote messages to Lou.  May we all continue to learn from this wise and inspiring woman. Lou, I love you. ~ Linda Reinstein ADAO’s Social Networks

Lou, I am with you and hold you dear in my heart. Valor is only a word of description for you because you are beyond words in my thoughts as I am grateful for your life and the strength you give us all. Love you and I send my energy toward both you and Keith. Richard A. Lemen

Lou, you are such a kind and loving woman! So happy my mom had a friend like you and that our community has your positivity. Sending you lots of love! Xx Emily Reinstein

I had a hard time with this, not because I have any lack of words or feelings to describe Lou but because it is focused on VALOR. Therefore, to borrow a quote from Debi Mazar, ” A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares”. Lou, you are all that and much more. XO ~ Herman Hamilton

Love you to bits and pieces, Lou. You’ve been there for me in ways no one else could be. You’ve listened to all my woes, soothed my tears, wrapped me up in love and all the while you’ve lived with this stinking disease with such grace and courage. I admire you so much and I’m very proud to be your friend. Xxx Gail Cook

Lou is full of grace, compassion, integrity, spirit, and inspiration! She is a true warrior who never lets the bad stuff get her down, always staying focused on what’s beautiful and good about life and people. We love you Lou! ~ Kimberly Starr Cecchini

Lou.. Gentle and graceful, caring and calming in the face of adversity.  AU’s National Treasure and a Valiant Meso Warrior, challenging all asbestos issues across the globe without fear and with courage.  You touch many people’s inner souls, seagulls, skylines, poetry and Charlie… spreading peace, tranquillity and gentleness whilst demonstrating Valour…. Beautiful People do not just happen. An Angel of Steel.  with love my friend Christine Winter, Mr W & R&R

Despite the challenge of meso to her body, Lou is always thinking of others and putting them first. She was instrumental in bringing about Australia’s first International Conference on asbestos awareness. I don’t know how she did it. Richard and I are so blessed to know her. ~ Kim Lemen

 When I hear Lou’s name I immediately think of a woman who has fought so unbelievably hard not only for her own health and wellness but for everyone who is suffering or has lost a family member to this God awful disease. She always has a kind word for everyone. She travels tirelessly to promote and educate people about the disease even while she herself is being treated. she is a gentle soul who has inspired countless people of whom I am one. when my husband was battling the disease she was someone I held up as a beacon of hope for him to show that people can live with the disease and live well. Rock on Lou Williams. I love you! ~ Lisa Crandall

Lou since you came on board with adfa your work on social media has been a great inspiration to many victims and their families keep going and spread the word. ~ Barry Robson

Despite the challenge of meso to her body, Lou is always thinking of others and putting them first. She was instrumental in bringing about Australia’s first International Conference on asbestos awareness. I don’t know how she did it. Richard and I are so blessed to know her. ~ Kim Lemen

I admire Lou very much to say what she has she is not just sitting down and letting it beat her she is fighting like heck it has no chance of beating her she is my wonder woman. ~ Terry Britton

Lou Williams is truly an inspiration and someone who truly changed my life in one day when i shook her hand and hug her as she was like touching a angel from heaven as our family came to Washington D.C. to pick up ADAO highest award given out to any member for thier fight against this deadly disease in my daughter Janelle Bedel who had just passed away 6-13-13..We were a a really depressed family who all of a sudden Lou took us and somehow touch us especially me as i remember her words exactly as she looked in my eyes and as she held my hand she said Bennie Janelle is in my heart and tapped her her heart at same time and it hit me like a ton of bricks as somehow i felt like ton of rocks had been lifted off my shoulders and i enjoyed the rest of the trip and got through the awards ceremony even if it so really hard but i kept looking at Lou and i was okay. She is special as i have told everyone since coming home how i met this beautiful woman from Australia who must be a angel and how i wish she was living down the street from me as id be talking my grandkids there alot so they would get a chance to meet someone who is amazing and incredible. Hope she knows how much she has done for everyone she has touched in her life as it has to be more then anyone i can think of…Like i tell her often im so grateful for you coming in my life as you sure have made my life better and sure help make losing Janelle a little easier.. we love you Lou as you are family !!!!!! ~ Bennie Cameron‎

I first heard of Lou Williams from my sister, Janelle Bedel. She spoke of her with such love and admiration. I finally got to meet Lou last year at the awareness conference- the spirit of my sister was definitely all around, especially when hugging Lou. It is something I’ll never be able to explain fully, but I will remember it forever and hold dear to my heart. She is full of grace, elegance, and strength- I am truly blessed to have met her, feel honored to call her a friend, and be apart of our family- the ADAO. heart emoticon Love you Lou! ~ Carina Cameron‎

She has shown me, that even being exposed to asbestos and the treatments required to battle asbestos related diseases such as Meso that there is still hope to press onwards. To me along with the others who has fought a battle with Asbestos encouragesme to keep going forward, saving lives and keeping children safer from harmful carcinogens..these children are our future generations to keep their lives healthier, safer and educated about Asbestos and other Natural and Unnatural Harmful substances. ~Paul W. Ayers

Lou is so inspirational even through her own struggles she continues to advocate about asbestos and raise awareness to save lives . She has inspired my husband through his battle and given both of us love and support yes we love her dearly and her husband Keith he is amazing also xxx ~ Barbara Habner

We have never met face to face, but Lou follows so many posts, mine included, and always has something encouraging to say. She thinks of others before herself, and is a truly wonderful woman. ~ Lesley Shears

Lou you are a total inspiration, so selfless and giving. You are amazing with all the help you give people while struggling yourself. Never met anyone like you. I think the world of you. Lots of love and admiration. xox ~ Robyn Lakeman

The girl with the bestest smile …. A star in the east, west, South and north xx ~ Julie Stafford

Lou. .. gave my family hope that we could live with the diagnosis of mesothelioma. Taught us that no matter how hard the road gets that we must never give up. Most of all showed me that there are truly selfless people out there that despite their struggles can still give to try make life a little easier to others. Lou. ..loved by so many hope this gives you strength and fill your heart with joy. Xx ~ Carolina Perez Leiva

Lou inspires me and my family every day with her positive attitude, beautiful spirit, unbelievable courage and unwavering commitment to help others that are affected by this terrible disease. She never gives up and never stops sharing her story so others can learn from her and find hope. She is truly a blessing to us all! ~ Domani Tripam

For me Lou I watch from a distance – I bow down down to your strength and sheer bloody mindedness to defy that which has invaded your body but which could not invade your spirit – you are a true warrior , respect dear lady – one. ~ Jbeth Holt

 Such a brave warm and sincere woman. She always sees the glass half full. We all thank you and love you Lou. ~ Emily McLean Bankhead

Lou Williams what can I say. I am truly inspired to see an individual with so much compassion,and so driven to make a difference being the word of the dangers we all face in a world filled with this poison. I am truly amazed at how this women puts this all before her own Well being. You see Lou is dealing with this evil called Mesothelioma herself. Her case seems much more intense than I can fathom. She is always in treatment. Chemo , ct scans, blood transfusions. Trips to and from her oncologist. So much so I don’t see how and where she draws her strength. One of the few people I known that always wants what’s best for all that are in the fight.and to make sure the innocent don’t suffer. The funny thing is it’s never about her .Its about what is right. And the use of asbestos is wrong.I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to know this fierce warrior. She makes me realize that we all need to work to make a difference. In this mission to bring awareness of this evil disease, to the powers that can make change. And ban the use of asbestos in the world. She has a true focus on the main mission. Ridding the world of the use of asbestos. If there is asbestos somewhere in the world she probably knows more about it than anybody. But it what she dose with that knowledge. She makes it known. She lets the world know it’s killing people and it needs to stop. Relentless and compassionate at the same time. The world is a better place because of her. I love her comment to this cause. I pray for her strength to carry on in this battle. Thank you Lou, I am a better person just to be able to say I know you. May God bless you and the work you do. You are truly an inspiration to me. ~ Mike Dennen 

Lou is truly an inspiration! So loving, compassionate and courageous. Always responds to comments. Works very hard at making our world a better place. Is a wife, Mom and doting grandmother. Although we have never met, Lou, you are a true friend. ~ Lila Ellison

I had a hard time with this, not because I have any lack of words or feelings to describe Lou but because it is focused on VALOR. Therefore, to borrow a quote from Debi Mazar, ” A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares”. Lou, you are all that and much more. XO ~ Herman Hamilton

Lou I’m so sorry to read of your struggles, and glad to see you are fighting on with all your might, as you encourage others to do, please continue to fight, and thank you for all your help and encouragement…..Saint Lou ~ Mary Heddles

Love you, Lou Williams, our magical fantastic family member. You are an inspiration. Your grace and goodness is an inspiration. Love you. Love. You. ~ Ellen Tunkelrott

Lou epitomizes love of life, in spite of tribulation, with daring, sharing, and caring. Lou inspires us to seek truth and do what is right, with kindness and courage. Lou met me with a smile, and an invisible blanket of love, forever forging friendship. I am reminded of a many lovely quotes when thinking of Lou, but share these thoughts: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” “Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” We love you Lou. ~ Tony Rich

Lou Pat and I felt so alone with this disease until we meet you and your wonderful husband and you introduced us to Gail and Steve, Pat and I will always be grateful for taking us under your wing and showing us the way. You are an inspiration, and even through your own trials, you still managed to give to others. I’m sure you are one of the reasons Pat carried on day after day, thank you Lou and Keith we will always be grateful to an amazing couple xx ~ Marilyn McCormack

Dear Lou Williams you have taught me so much but I need so many years remedial lessons that I have enrolled in your summer schools because you will be there to teach me all the grace and wisdom you can share. This will take some time . If I ever get to meet you in the flesh as they say I shall probably curtsey ( note to self..wear a skirt that day) xxx ~ Elise Carter

Lou, you have been there for my family and I in some of our darkest hours. You have extended great love, compassion and support to so many even when you have had your own daemons to fight. You have taught me not to let anger consume me even though this awful disease slowly and painfully took my beloved father from me. That is the sort of gift that money can’t buy. You have brought the meso community together (carers, families and sufferers of this insidious disease) so that we can all support each other through what is the most difficult periods of our lives. You are a fine example of how one should live their life. Lots of love, ~  Nicole Harry

Thank you to you all for sharing your wonderful love and comments for my beautiful sister in law. She is and will always be one of the most kind, caring and inspirational women that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She is much loved by so many xxxx ~ Cheryl Heritage

There are many different sides to you, Lou Williams. Undoubtedly, there is a private side to you that is for loved ones, for family and dear friends – one that we sometimes get a glimpse of when we see you cuddle Charlie or one of your grandchildren on FB. There is the Asbestos Warrior side, showing a woman with a dreadfull disease who refuses to bow down to statistics, who suffers horrible treatments with a smile on her face; because she cares so much about life and the living and has no plans any time soon to quit either. It has served you well in surviving the odds, though we know you have to pay a heavy price for it. It is this strong attitude that provides great inspiration to so many asbestos victims worldwide. It makes your name an icon of hope. Hope is so important – the drive not to give up, to enjoy life. You are living proof that a chin-up attitude, seeing the beauty in everything and everybody around you, can make a huge difference. And then there is your caring side. For while one might think that you have enough on your plate, the caring Asbestos Warrior in you also fights for better treatments for others, for recognition and justice, for prevention. Not just in Australia – a whole continent by itself – but even worldwide. That is more admirable than words can express. We recognise your valor and we love and respect you so much for it. Kisses and hugs from Holland! ~ Yvonne Waterman

Lou inspires me in her calm acceptance but strong will to live, beautiful soul xx ~ Suzanne Wickham

Lou is the warmes, bravest and most giving person I have met. She was right beside me during and after my last surgery and she held my hand during my PET scan last month. Sounds crazy but I feel her calming aura through our messages. She really believes every glass is half full. Whatever her situation is, it is accepted and she goes on from there, no complaints ever. I am so grateful for her and I hope she gets at least some of the comfort from me I get from her. ~ Nancy McFadden

Lou Williams, what an incredible human being. During the months and weeks leading up to our son passing with mesothelioma at the young age of 29, Lou was texting and checking on Michael and myself constantly. She sent so much love and touched our hearts, we could feel her love even though thousands miles apart. Ton of love sweet lady ~ Sandra Neuenschwander

I had a hard time with this, not because I have any lack of words or feelings to describe Lou but because it is focused on VALOR. Therefore, to borrow a quote from Debi Mazar, ” A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares”. Lou, you are all that and so much more. XO ~ Herman Hamilton

I guess I did not address valor specifically. Valor is great courage in the face of danger, especially battle. Lou is courageous and bold. She never shows fear in the face of pain or setbacks. In fact she just goes on ” living with meso ” no matter what. She is a true Warrior and does battle for all of us, her friends, known or unknown. Whether it is personall supporting us or doing battle against the evil purveyors of asbestos she fights for us and with us. We each feel as if she is our own special friend and we feel a little sorry for those who don’t have her by their side. But she is, bravely battling with us and for us all, our Lou. ~ Nancy McFadden

I first saw you in a sunday magazine Lou and one look at your steely determination told me we had a Champion for the cause Lou Williams you are quite amazing lady Valour and then Mary Hattam

Beautiful! Sharon Lynn Main Garvin

Like a beautiful butterfly Lou, you have touched the hands and hearts in friendship, compassion and your love for others. xx ~ Priscilla

Deserved. A real inspiration. ~ Jack Steiner 

You are truly a GREAT lady, Lou.xxxx ~ Rossana Tepper

Lou has been a fantastic support to our family since our meso journey began 3 years ago-sometimes it’s easy to forget she is battling too as she’s always concerned for others. Thank u Lou ~ Briony Duff-Tytler

…. “a courageous determined warrior”, for sure! But more than that i believe that our beautiful Lou is an earth angel with a direct line to heaven. One who walks beside those facing their most difficult journeys. Through the suffering of her own illness. she manages everyday to meet everyone who crosses her path with true kindness, compassion and understanding. And always with such love and grace. Many find her by chance (or is it divine guidance?) but all remember her. Everyone has a place in Lou’s arms, her wings spread wide and far and all who meet her are better for the experience. I know i am For her unconditional love i am eternally grateful. Always remember i love you Lou Williams ((( ))) Andie Lane Valor

Lou is so brave and uncomplaining that you forget she has meso .She seems to remain calm at all times and this calmness and unselfish love for everyone permeates us all . I’m just so sorry that I didnt get to meet her when in Australia last year. Thank you Lou for being you xxx ~ Judith Turnbull

Lou Williams…gentle, strong, fierce,intelligent, beautiful friend…you inspire so many around the world…love you Lou! ~ Ann Samuelson

1/2 way across the world. A woman I have never met whose xx’s and oo’s warm my heart . She speaks loud in a battled body. She screams STOP with still a strong voice! She is corageous as a lion and gentle as a lamb. She touches so many of us and I don’t think she realizes I grateful to God I am glad she was placed in the world . “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest”. (Joshua 1:9 KJV) ~ Rachel Shaneyfelt

Like John Wayne said, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway” She is a true inspiration to us all. Love you Lou Williams ~ Annemarie Rossmell

Lou, I love your strength. X ~ Kate Roche

I wish I had taken the time to write something. I love that you give hope to all who are battling Asbestos Diseases worldwide. ~ Linda Jones

Wow Lou, so many wonderful people in your life xxx ~ Cheryl Heritage

 Lou inspires me with her strength and tenacity,she really is one amazing lady who helps so many people around the world,her life has made a huge difference to our lives.The only good thing to come out of Asbestos is the Meso warrior’s unity in fighting this terrible disease and Lou is at the helm.Forever thankful to her. xxx ~ Esther O’Driscoll

Lou is such a amazing women , and since moving to oz I feel so lucky to have this meet this wonderful lady in person , I’m very happy to be able to call her my friend , with all what she goes through she still finds time to make people aware of how dangerous Asbestos is , feeling blessed x ~ Linda Thomas‎

Lou is a kindred spirit to Karen and I, as she was to my late wife Julie. Karen and I, and the Bernie Banton Foundation will always be there for Lou as she continues her journey. xxxxx ~ Rod Smith‎

Lou is a fellow sufferer and we belong to a very sad club. There are not many surviving as long as we have been lucky to survive. We have had to say goodbye to so many very brave Mesothelioma Warriors over the years, that we have had contact with. There must be so many that haven’t found our groups and haven’t been able to have the help that Lou and I have had from so many lovely Carers and Patients. So yes : Lou Williams Lives Life with Courage, Love, and Unity.we will always be there for one another as we travel the journey together but can we also raise a glass to those brave and courageous that didn’t make it. and hug all the wonderful Carers. ~ Mavis Nye

I can’t think of a more gentle soul on the planet than Lou Williams. Her dedication and amazing grace has served the worldwide community faultlessly and selfishly for years. To me Lou represents all we should aspire to. ~ Richard Clarke‎

Thank you Linda and to everyone my heart and strength has been uplifted. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. I love you all. Thanks xx ~ Lou Williams



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