Posted on January 18, 2019

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Now in its fifteenth year, ADAO’s Annual Asbestos Prevention and Awareness Conference is roundly regarded as the most important event held in the ban asbestos movement. We are proud to bring together preeminent stakeholders from a number of backgrounds – and from all over the world – to work toward a no-exemptions, no-loopholes, once-and-for-all asbestos ban. We are eternally grateful to our sponsors for allowing us to make this conference happen each year.

We are excited to invite you to Washington, D.C. on April 5 -7 for our most progressive and impactful conference yet.

Fifteen years in this movement have shown us that there is no singular way to fight asbestos, and our conference is a beautiful reflection of it. We are proud to once again, bring together a group of acclaimed experts to share their knowledge with us. The list of scholars and experts is extensive, yet amazing. Joining us will be a former Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, an acclaimed Colombian documentary filmmaker, a professor from Georgetown Law, one of India’s leading occupational safety experts, a former Labor Inspector for Brazil’s Ministry of Labor and Employment, and more!  

We are proud to be introducing three new elements to the conference calendar this year. The first-ever March for Justice and Remembrance will kick off the weekend with direct action: all who choose to participate will march in honor and remembrance of asbestos victims across the nation, showing the world that asbestos is not a problem of the past.

We’re equally excited about the addition of a fifth speaker panel this year: Art and Advocacy. Artists from four continents will share their recent projects and provide insight into how the many ways advocates can spread the global goal of asbestos awareness.

And as always, the conference will center around asbestos victims and family members sharing the fight against asbestos—turning anger into action. Each of our five speaker panels will begin with a speech by an individual who has been personally affected by asbestos, followed by a professional in the field.

We are closer than ever to an asbestos ban in the U.S., and we can only achieve it in unity. Join us in April for the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the top leaders, experts, and influencers of the asbestos awareness and prevention community.