14th ADAO Congressional Staff Briefing Resources

August 27th, 2019 Washington, D.C.

BLOG: ADAO 14th Congressional Staff Briefing Wrap-Up — Paving the Way to Pass Bicameral The Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act.

*This briefing is dedicated to Vicky, an amazing Mesothelioma Warrior and beloved member of the community, who passed away this month.*

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Key Facts 

  • Asbestos kills nearly 40,000 Americans each year
  • In 2018, 750 metric tons of raw asbestos were imported into the USA
  • Asbestos can still be found in homes, schools, commercial buildings, and consumer products
  • Nearly 70 countries have banned asbestos
  • Limited EPA risk evaluation will ignore the Libby Asbestos Amphibole, legacy asbestos in existing structures, releases into the environment, and disposal