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Global Mesothelioma Experts Convene at the 2012 iMig Conference

The iMig conference brings together experts dedicated to treating and curing mesothelioma. The conference features workshops, presentations and discussions focused on groundbreaking ideas and strengthening collaborative efforts.

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The Asbestos DiseaseAwareness Organization (ADAO) is delighted to join the 500 delegates atthe 11th International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference, September11 – 14 in Boston. iMig members include the top mesothelioma doctors,scientists and medical professionals from around the world. 


Fornearly nine years, I have been attending and presenting at iMig conferences inChicago, Amsterdam, Kyoto, and now Boston.  iMig carries the torch of hopefor a cure for mesothelioma patients and their families.  I look forward tosharing information about the new trends in treatment, advances in research and innovative ideas with you.


ADAOwill have a booth at the conference where we will share information about ourorganization and our active online community. Barbara McQueen,widow of the late Steve McQueen, has autographed a copy of her newly-publishedbook, “Steve McQueen: The Last Mile… Revisited”, which ADAO will present to theiMig members and also raffle a copy!


Wehave come such a long way since my husband Alan was diagnosed in 2003. In thosedays, all we could do was enter “mesothelioma+ doctor” into a searchengine.  Now, It is a thrill for me to bring this cutting-edge medicalinformation to those who need it most through ADAO, the largest non-profitonline community for those living with an asbestos-related disease.

ACTION ALERT: What is your six-word message for the world’sleading mesothelioma experts? 

Keepup with the iMig conference via ADAO’s digital story, “Global Mesothelioma Experts Convene at the 2012 iMig Conference,” with blogs, videos, andphotos.  Join the global conversation; your voice is important! Tweet to @Linda_adao or poston the Facebook iMig note page.


As Larry Davis, a courageous mesothelioma patient, used to stronglysay, “Believe in a Cure – believe in yourself.”   Oh Larry, weall dearly miss you, and you can bet none of us will ever stop believing.

Together,change is possible.




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