Posted on August 27, 2015


ADAO State Leadership Team CANVAPlain and simple, ADAO needs active volunteers to carry out our mission and achieve our goals. As ADAO grows and grows, we think it would be great to have people to coordinate and communicate with volunteers within States within various regions.  In June, ADAO launched the STATE LEADERSHIP TEAM (SLT) with over 50 volunteers whose mission is to serve as a resource for the media, state, and national lawmakers.  Heather Von St. James (Minnesota), Ann Samuelson (Oregon) and I, Marilyn Amento (Pennsylvania), will serve as the regional coordinators for the team.  You can find our list of SLT members below.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of ADAO. Here are five easy ways you can help ADAO.

  1. Letter writing and phone calling to each Congressperson so we may to finally obtain an asbestos ban in the United States. Tell Congress to oppose the following bills unless they are amended to include an asbestos ban:
    • S. 697 – named after the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg
    • S. 357 and H.R. 526 – Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency (FACT) Acts
  2. Share Your Story: Stories of asbestos victims matter and are shared with Congress. Stories show that each asbestos victim has a face and is not just some statistic. The more stories, the better. We still need stories from Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming. View the Share Your Story Collection.  
  3. Twitter Tuesdays in September: Intimidated by Social Media. The best way to overcome the intimidation is to jump right in and Get TWITTERpated! Get a Twitter account. Follow @Linda_ADAO and me, @MaresyDotes54. Get yourself some followers and spread the word!! There will be a new topic each week for 1 hour where we hope to saturate Twitter and be a top trending topic. Be sure to Tweet your Congress representatives, local legislators, your town council, your Governor, etc.  Read and share our blog: #ENDMeso Tuesday Twitter Chats  – Join the Global Conversation for #Mesothelioma Awareness and Action.
  4. Mesothelioma Awareness Day is September 26. However, ADAO is raising asbestos and mesothelioma awareness during the whole month of September. We have 12 graphics, which we’re going to share on Facebook and Twitter. When you see the graphics posted, please share/retweet (RT) and ask your friends to do the same.
  5. FundraisingPlease click here to send donations.

Volunteers are the “wind beneath our wings”, our lifeblood, the cog in the wheel of ADAO. We’re counting on you to keep up the good work!!


Marilyn Amento



Marilyn Amento, Director,Eastern Regional Team Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia.
Heather Von St. James, Director, Midwest Regional Team Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota.
Ann Samuelson, Director,Northwest Regional Team Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington.


Alabama Rachel Shaneyfelt
Alaska OPEN
Arizona Michele Mikulic
Arkansas Rebecca Shearburn
California Heather Nash and Luci Sapienza
Colorado Sarah Hager-Karaz
Connecticut Courtney Hissong
Delaware OPEN
Florida Vida Sheffield Hargrett
Georgia Sandra Neuenschwander
Hawaii Emily Bankhead
Idaho Barbara McQueen
Illinois Domani Tripam
Indiana Bennie Cameron
Iowa Carrie McNamara
Kansas OPEN
Kentucky Yvonne Hall
Louisiana Tina Sanchez Melford
Maine OPEN
Maryland Mike & Jessica Mattmuller
Massachusetts Mike Dennen
Michigan Jennifer Miller
Minnesota Heather Von St. James
Mississippi OPEN
Missouri Julie Gundlach
Montana Center for Asbestos Related Diseases
Nebraska OPEN
Nevada OPEN
New Hampshire Robert Patient
New Jersey Bonnie Anderson
New Mexico Charles R. Perea
New York Mark Wells
North Carolina Courtney Hissong
North Dakota OPEN
Ohio Betty Tucker
Oklahoma OPEN
Oregon Ann Samuelson
Pennsylvania Marilyn Amento
Rhode Island OPEN
South Carolina OPEN
South Dakota OPEN
Tennessee Wendy Gans Roberts
Texas Tisha Vaughan
Utah Paul Whitehead
Vermont Mary Elizabeth Esposito
Virginia OPEN
Washington OPEN
West Virginia Missy Dorsey Bowles
Wisconsin OPEN
Wyoming OPEN

 ADAO State Leadership Team