Posted on October 15 2020

Last week I had the honor and opportunity to join Bob Krell’s Healthy Indoors Show with Joe Medosch (Howard Score) and Brent Kynoch (Environmental Information Association). The discussion topic was “Asbestos: Are We Doing Enough to Combat This Environmental Hazard?”, which opened many areas of discussion regarding prevention and policy. 

Each year, nearly 40,000 Americans die from preventable asbestos-caused diseases, yet imports and use continue. Bob, Brent, and Joe, know all too well from their decades of experience that it is time to ban asbestos and mitigate/prevent legacy asbestos exposure.

During the conversation I was able to share xxx points of ADAO’s core work which include

Healthy Indoors Magazine is led by a team of innovative professionals from the indoor environmental and publishing industries, who bring decades of combined experience and insight to the publication. As the only publication dedicated to indoor air quality and sustainability issues, Healthy Indoors has quickly become a leading source for the latest on research, best practices, new products, and legal matters – information necessary to keep their readers up-to-date in this ever-changing market.

Bob is a great supporter of ADAO’s education and prevention efforts.

In fact, in March 2019 he published a piece I wrote “Healthy Indoors: 10 Ways to Keep Safe from Asbestos” 

Special thanks to Bob for giving ADAO the opportunity to present this week.

Linda Reinstein
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